Trash Restrictions Relating to February Freeze

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared the winter storm we just experienced as a disaster. The following debris generated as a result of the February Freeze are not considered regular trash and will not be picked up as part of your regular garbage service:

  • debris removed from inside of the house as a result of flooding from broken pipes
  • frozen/damaged/dead landscaping (trees, shrubs, ).

Here are some options for disposing of freeze-related debris:

  1. The Bagster
  2. The Bull Bag
  3. Best Trash provides special collection service for debris removal. For pricing, please email your address and pictures to to get a quote.

Please check with your homeowners insurance carrier regarding potential reimbursement for your debris.

COVID-19 Update – Please Bag All Trash

Currently trash & recycle services will continue as normal for Harris County MUD 290.

In response to the continuing effects of the Coronavirus and in observance of our employee’s safety, Harris Co. MUD 290 are asking that all waste be placed in plastic bags and tied off to avoid any need for direct contact with the garbage.

HCMUD 290 asks that you please continue to place your recycling loose in your container. Please break down all boxes and reduce in size as much as possible. If you exceed the capacity of the container, please bag and place with trash. However, if anyone in your household is exhibiting symptoms of any transmissible illness, please place recyclables in plastic bags and dispose of with your regular garbage.

Please do not call the office. Go to website for updates or contact